Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yesterday I Heard a Woman Get Hit by a Car

Unseen, a woman and a car collide.

That sudden stillness and undivided attention by the onlookers. People reach for cell phones and traffic stops.

The sound is nothing like a car crash.

Nothing fatal, no head injuries but a thrown body and significant bodily injury.

A doctor happens to be on the seen. A siren in the distance and questions of what to do.

Staring doesn't seem to be all that helpful but several people don't seem to be able to do much else.

Getting impatient with blocked traffic also doesn't seem to be helpful but several people seem to have other places to go.

Being oblivious also seems unhelpful but two women drink coffee and talk about youth soccer until the fire truck lurches up. "What happened?" they ask. "A woman just got hit by a car" a staring person replies. "Oh wow."

A listening person marvels that staring and being oblivious are options but then is being an ear-witness any more helpful?