Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Airport Tweets

Continuing the previous post's aural fixation, I hear a loud cell phone user going on and on about needing to set up a 20 minute call to discuss the next steps on something.

Suddenly the hard to ignore conversation switches to the "land grab" that is twitter.

The cellophile brags, 'look I tell you I got all the major airport codes, like LAX and I got newyork and brooklyn' and so on. Seems impressive enough.

But then I'm thinking - well yeah what would an airport tweet?

'wear socks without holes'
'we inspect all fluids'
'your airline is to blame'
'trains suck'
'OMG more snow - check web site for details'

For that matter what would a city tweet?

'how many times do we have to tell you - sort your recycling?'
'how about that new stadium?'
'the governor is to blame'
'suburbia is overrated'
'OMG more snow - check web site for details'

I'm also thinking surely the terms of use for twitter include not impersonating an airport or neighborhood or city.

There are in fact tweets for airports: LAX, ORD, and SFO, - doh SFO is Studio SFO, doesn't even look like airport updates. Looks like SJC is private. PHL is, or was by the time you read this, tweeting about a power supply.

Likewise there are tweets for cities: newyork, brooklyn and sanjose - doh sanjose's tweets were disabled - due to " due to strange activity".