Friday, August 22, 2008

How to Quickly and Easily File Stuff

Filing stuff can be such a drag. But it doesn't have to be. First off you will need a good file. But whatever you do skip the brand new cheapo file from the big box store in the center-less sprawl. Get to a decent used tool store, preferably with some character. I went to Hamilton Tool in Beaver Falls.

Three glorious floors and a sprawling basement of used tools. Don't miss the old walk-in safe upstairs or the tool filled elevator in the basement. Be warned though sharp stuff is just out in piles on tables.

There is a lot more to the place but let's stick to buying a file. I got mine for a dollar. Nice round, slightly pointed metal one with a wooden handle.

Once you have a suitable file the next thing to do is to get some stuff to file. Again there are lots of options and possibilities of varying complexity and cost. Keeping it simple though I'd recommend just grabbing some fallen branches. For some reason if you can use the dried oak branch that almost fell on your father it adds to the filing process, but it's not essential. Given some fallen dried oak branches then I'd recommend starting with a thinner one, almost a thick stick, to get a feel for things. A basic spiral groove is a good way to start your filing.

Start filing anywhere. Keep going until you reach one end. Then go to the other end. You can file the spiral groove tightly or loosely. It's up to you. Next try filing a thicker bit of branch. Try some joining and merging of the grooves. Keep in mind getting the grooves to sort of line up from one side to the other is the tricky bit.

A used one dollar file and a fallen oak tree branch - quick and easy filing. Maybe even a little relaxing.