Monday, July 28, 2008

Insulting CAPTCHAs

CAPTCHA's are those warped looking random words or alpha-numeric sequences that you have to type on the web to prove you're human and not a program written by a human. It's surprising how commonplace they seem to be. And yet there seems to be a surprising shortage of insulting CAPTCHA's.

I mean as long as we are making extra work for ourselves because some knucklehead has written an annoying spambot, why not go ahead and allow ourselves to vent some spleen?

That way when they get smart enough to figure out what the CAPTCHA's mean their worst paranoiac fears will be confirmed. Yes we don't like you coming here to spew random URL's for discount watches, spectacular stock tips, bargain software, unclaimed bureaucratic wealth, clothing deficient signoras, amazing insurance offers and other things too untrue to be good.

CAPTCHA's don't have to be boring.