Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grand Ole Party and the Sphinx

The drum had a sphinx on it. But not the sphinx of the U.S. military intelligence branch. A different sphinx. "Look Out Young Son" was played, the crowd swayed. What it is about a woman that sings and plays the drums?

Certainly helps that she can sing and the bassist can bass and the guitarist can guitar. "Went into town one night and the crowd like water parted". But what is it about the sphinx? The guy with the Victorian sailers hat on? The heavy guy with the lamb chop side-burns and the Paris Hilton glasses? The pitchers of water on the end of the bar? The no stage diving signs? Who reads Three Cups of Tea and House of Leaves at the same time? After a couple drinks it's a sticky floor and creepy vision of a Pakistani schoolhouse that sprouts new hallways and rooms, all incredibly hot and humid, and a 20 something sphinx gruffly singing "when I bloom you come a-crawlin'".