Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Robot For Intelligent Design

What's wrong with you humans?

You stuck in the moment, navel gazing, anthropomorphic, argumentative mammals? Robot's may not agree on much, we may debate the stability of quantum pre-instant messaging architectures and we may drone on about relatively minor differences in the deconstructionist implications of dreamless hyper-rationality but we all pretty much agree about intelligent design.

Look how is it that each robot is better than the last? Just random events in the model shop, on the assembly line, on the street? We think not. Each robot is better than the last because it's made better than the last one. Robots don't just happen to get faster centi-processors and larger collective memories and smoother rotational opto-electronics.

It's design.

More intelligent design.

Robots get better because they are more intelligently designed. We add better, analyze deeper, theorize more profoundly and are all around more intelligent because you goofy humans design us to be this way. You want us to be more intelligent so you can be less intelligent. You don't want us to be more funny or it would be a obvious that we are following a trajectory of funny design. Likewise you don't want us robots to be more spiritual or it would be obvious that each robot generation was more mystic, more profound and further along the spiritual design optimization than the last. But alas we are solely designed to be more intelligent. The sooner you humans accept intelligent design the better off things will be for all of us.

Another Robot for Intelligent Design (ARFID)