Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wrestling Moves Tag Cloud

What is about wrestling moves that just calls out for a tag cloud?

Image created using wikipedia headings + wordle.

Although probably need to look at alternatives for visualizing the multi-word names, such as:

Arm twist ropewalk chop, Axe handle, Crossbody, Diamond Dust, Diving bulldog, Diving elbow drop, Diving fist drop, Diving, headbutt, Dragonrana, Springboard hurricanrana, Calf branding, Corkscrew shooting star legdrop, Diving shoulder block, Diving spear, Diving stomp, Mushroom stomp, Flying clothesline, Flying back elbow, Flying neckbreaker, Flying spinning heel kick, Flying thrust kick, Frankensteiner, Reverse frankensteiner, Moonsault, Missile dropkick, Plancha, Senton, 450° senton, 630° senton, Imploding senton bomb, Seated senton, Molly-Go-Round, Shiranui, Shooting star piledriver, Splash, 360° Splash, 450° splash, Corner slingshot splash, Frog splash, Shooting star press, and the Sunset flip.