Monday, October 20, 2008

Louise Bourgeois & Longevity

Giant spiders loom overhead.

Bulbous smooth forms descend.

Metal, stone, fabric and drawings.

All spanning decades.

At 96 years, Louise Bourgeois is proof that art is different. There may be other writers, athletes, actresses, and software programmers that are approaching 100 years old and still busy with their life's work - but I'm not aware of them.

From a childhood in France, to decades in New York, to international exhibits in the past few years. Louise Bourgeois has created and continues to create some unique works. Gender, memory, nature, deformation and connection. Headless, armless and legless figures lurk and writhe. Creepy and, in context, impressive.

Art may be a garrunty of sanity but one can't help but wonder of in the case of Louise Bourgeois art might also be a garrunty of longevity.