Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin Pictures

Sarah Palin has shown international experience when she worked to renew the Alaska-Yukon accord, although one wonders if in Canada they call it the Yukon-Alaska accord. She has also traveled internationally to visit Alaskans in Kuwait, although it's unclear if she saw any Alaskans in Ireland. Going back to the days when marijuana was legal in Alaska, Sarah knows from first hand experience that she does not like it. These days it seems likely that not only is Sarah not flat busted, she is also probably not broke. Sarah also has proven ability to restore "trust' in Alaska's oil and gas industries and is keen to complete the pipeline to bring more Alaskan oil to the other 298,728,431 Americans. She has strong support from Alaskans of Viking descent and is an expert on ice sculptures. She is also an ice cream eating, former basketball player that relishes a chance to pose with a family member over a recently slaughtered moose.