Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Michael is my Palin

Forget about Sarah's credentials including being the "first Christian mayor of Wasilla" and being able to see "Russia from Alaska" - my dream McCain-Palin ticket is Michael Palin. Yin to McCain's Yang, Michael Palin brings a global view, comic timing and a tried and true answer to our hardest questions:

Are the fundamentals of the economy sound? Ni!

Do we need some kind of plan after the surge? Ni!

Are the wealthiest worse off than they were 8 years ago? Ni!

Did over-regulation kill Wall Street? Ni!

Was 8 years long enough to capture Osama? Ni!

Is the Bush fiscal policy of cut-and-spend a problem? Ni!

Can we over-invest in our petroleum infrastructure? Ni!

Michael is my Palin.